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Paul Otto Building Company is proud of its abilities to serve it’s clients. We possess the talent, ability, and attitude necessary to represent client interests, and to prove that the construction process can be a rewarding and satisfying experience.

Every owner is presented with project issues that must be addressed as he or she contemplates major expansion and capital expenditure. He or she is influenced by traditional development procedures, as well as by design professionals offering to be both the owner’s designer and his or her representative.

The result is that the owner sometimes finds him or herself in the position where he or she may be forced to make decisions that he or she is not necessarily schooled to make.

Our team approach to the construction process improves the effectiveness of the design professional and the contractors, and guarantees a high level of quality control. Intelligent team management of the project serves to reduce the owner’s risk. His or her interests are met by parties united to represent his or her interests with the necessary expertise to secure him or her the properly completed and expedited project he or she deserves.